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Summer time brings our summer camp.  For the fifth year in a row we will be launching our full time summer camp.  This has been the highlight of our year often.  As a staff we strive to pick themes that not only the kids, but that we, as a staff, get excited about.  Each week we spend the whole time exploring the theme.  The themes vary from Art, to Water, to Time Travel and Camping and more.  Like our program during the school year, we want kids to have the experience of being at camp, but yet experience things they normally would if they were at home as well.  To that end, we make frequent, if not daily trips to the pool.  Provide swim lessons through Fenwick, and basically spend most of our day out and about Oak Park.  Most weeks we take an off-site field trip that let's us spend the day immersed in what ever theme we are exploring.

Summer Friends 2017