Preschool Pals (Potty trained 36 months - K)

Preschool Pals is our full-day preschool programming.  We have developed the curriculum ourselves over the past several years by researching and exploring multiple educational philosophies and curriculums. Then taking what we love about them and applying them to our program. We run our program similar to summer camp in that there are weekly themes that we use as vehicles to provide all kids an opportunity to work on whatever skills that they are currently focused on.   In addition to our weekly themes, our classrooms are designed to provide opportunities for free play involving construction, language development, dramatic play, art, music, science and the natural world and a space for quiet play and reading.  We strive to provide a family home setting across all of our programs which to us means that we have a warm and nurturing environment that flows from the staff we hire to the intentionally designed homey environment.