Birthday Book Club!
Our birthday book club is underway and we've started adding books to our classroom libraries with our September birthdays. A huge thanks to Yellow Room parent, Sandi Carr for designing the adorable book plates for us! If you want to join the birthday book club, or have questions, please email Jessica at

Drop-In Days Fees
We're more than happy to have your child come an extra day ($65) when needed and when space is available. We love being able to help when we can! Just note that each day will be billed as an individual day and not the average rate of the total days attended. For instance: If your child regularly attends 3 days/week and you need to add 1 day next week, you will be billed the 3 days per week rate + 1 day per week instead of the 4 days per week monthly rate for that week. If you're confused or want to talk about this policy, please email or talk to Jessica.

 Oh Baby! - If you are planning to add to your family within the next two years, please make sure to email Jessica at to get on our waiting list. At this point there is about an 12 to 18 month wait for a spot.

These updates are for our current families.  We are trying to make information more accessible and centrally located, but please continue to read the newsletter for new information not available to the public.

This Month's Menus - Here is the link to our Menu Folder. Current GG Menus and our Monthly Meal Plan: OPFS Meals