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These updates are for our current families.  We are trying to make information more accessible and centrally located, but please continue to read the newsletter for new information not available to the public.

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Birthday Book Club!
Our birthday book club is underway and we've started adding books to our classroom libraries with our September birthdays. A huge thanks to Yellow Room parent, Sandi Carr for designing the adorable book plates for us! If you want to join the birthday book club, or have questions, please email Jessica at

Drop-In Days Fees
We're more than happy to have your child come an extra day ($65) when needed and when space is available. We love being able to help when we can! Just note that each day will be billed as an individual day and not the average rate of the total days attended. For instance: If your child regularly attends 3 days/week and you need to add 1 day next week, you will be billed the 3 days per week rate + 1 day per week instead of the 4 days per week monthly rate for that week. If you're confused or want to talk about this policy, please email or talk to Jessica.

Talley's Corner -  In Time of Celebration, Remember Grace

As I write this title I think of how many ways that Grace can be used. It can mean the prayer before a meal, a royal title, it can be a noun and a verb...but at it's root, it means to give thanks. And when I think of the word Grace, to me it means making space for others to have the space to be who and how they are in the world. Grace - the space to make mistakes and do the best you can.

As our kids move on from OPFS, I hope this is one lesson we have all, both kids and parents, have learned: We are all doing our best. We are all trying to figure out this world, this country, this day. Grace can be that force where we acknowledge that, and allows another to just breath, knowing that their effort has been recognized. Though we all may strive for perfection or success, acknowledging that we are all trying to do our best at any given moment is an act of Grace that we don't often feel or give. I know as my own kids grow older, Grace and Forgiveness have become some of the most powerful lessons that I have given myself.

I was reminded of this when I read a FB post Green Room Parent April Baker posted this past weekend. Though it is written about mothers, I think it applies to all parents....we all need Grace! - Talley

“To the mom who's breastfeeding: Way to go! It really is an amazing gift to give your baby, for any amount of time that you can manage! You're a good mom.

To the mom who's formula feeding: Isn't science amazing? To think there was a time when a baby with a mother who couldn't produce enough would suffer...but now? Better living through chemistry! You're a good mom.

To the cloth diapering mom: Fluffy bums are the cutest, and so friendly on the bank account. You're a good mom.

To the disposable diapering mum: Damn, those things hold a lot, and it's excellent to not worry about leakage and laundry! You're a good mom.

To the mom who stays home: I can imagine it isn't easy doing what you do, but to spend those precious years with your babies must be amazing. You're a good mom.

To the mom who works: It's wonderful that you're sticking to your're a positive role model for your children in so many's fantastic. You're a good mom.

To the mom who had to feed her kids from the drive thru all week because you're too worn out to cook or go grocery shopping: You're feeding your kid! And hey, I bet they aren't complaining! Sometimes sanity can indeed be found in a red box with a big yellow M and a cheap plastic toy in it. You're a good mom.

To the mom who gave her kids a home-cooked breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the past week: Excellent! Good nutrition is important, and they're learning to enjoy healthy foods at an early age, a boon for the rest of their lives. You're a good mom.

To the mom with the kids who are sitting quietly and using their manners in the fancy restaurant: Kudos! It takes a lot to maintain order with children in a place where they can't run around. You're a good mom.

To the mom with the toddler having a meltdown in the cereal aisle: They always seem to pick the most embarrassing places to lose their minds, don't they? We've all been through it. You're a good mom.

To the mom who gave birth “naturally,” sans drugs: Holy cow, are a rock star! I’m positive that giving birth to your sweet baby was an experience you will never forget. Good for you. You’re a good mom.

To the mom who begged until she got her epidural: Ain’t drugs grand? I’m positive that giving birth to your sweet baby was an experience you will never forget. Good for you. You’re a good mom.

To the mom who had a C-Section: Ouch! Those stitches are no joke, Mama! I’m positive that giving birth to your sweet baby was an experience you will never forget. Good for you. You’re a good mom.

To the mom who’s babies were born in your heart, but came from another woman’s womb: The journey of fostering and/or adoption is arduous, nerve wracking, and sometimes heartbreaking, so thank you for CHOOSING to follow this twisty path into motherhood. How lucky are your kids to have you?! You’re a good mom.

To the moms who judge other moms for ANY of the above? Glass houses, friend. Glass houses.”

Being a Mom is the most difficult and most important role any woman will ever have, and she will constantly be questioning whether or not she’s “doing it right.” It’s a lot of work and a lot of pressure, so let’s all extend grace to others and accept grace for ourselves. Let us vow only to step into another mother’s story in order to support and encourage her, not criticize her.

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 Oh Baby! - If you are planning to add to your family within the next two years, please make sure to email Jessica at to get on our waiting list. At this point there is about an 12 to 18 month wait for a spot.