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Oak and Chestnut Rooms (Pre-K)

The Oak Room is our full-day preschool programming for Pre-Ks.  When kids transition into the Oak Room we are focused on making sure they are ready for Kindergarten from the start.  We still use a play-based approach while at the same time helping to guide them to be ready academically and social emotionally as well for the big year ahead.

For all our programs we apply emergent curriculum.  As a play-based program using an emergent curriculum, our teachers spend time watching and in conversation with the children while they are playing.  This is where our teachers take their inspiration from to plan the curriculum and to inspire the natural curiosity that kids have.


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‚ÄčTypical Schedule

Arrival/Breakfast/Free Play

Free Play/Open Activities

Clean Up

Circle Time

Handwashing/AM Snack

Story Time

Outside Play

Clean Up/Handwashing


Carpet Area/Story Time/Resting Time

Free Play/Open Activities

Clean Up

Circle Time/Activities

Getting Ready for Outside Play/Story Time

Outside Time

Handwashing/PM Snack

Story Time/Resting Time

Free Play/Activities

Clean Up

Story Time/Carpet Games/Outside Play

Get Ready for Dismissal