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The Birch Room is our full-day preschool programming for 3 to 5 year-old children. Our program follows the same emergent curriculum as the rest of the school. We are a play-based school and plan a variety of activities and staged play for our students to explore with a balance of language, sensory, fine and gross motor, art, math, music, science, cognitive, and social emotional concepts. We begin by introducing themes and allowing the interests/inquiries of the children to help shape the rest of our planning. . 

We are excited to share with your children, a community of friends and caring adults where they will feel safe, engaged, and supported. We want your children to play, grow social-emotionally through forming relationships with classmates and teachers, and to learn through child-centered activities. 

It really is a sincere honor that we get to engage and witness your children’s growth. For our new families, it’s a privilege to be able to go on this fantastic voyage with you all and we look forward to getting to know your family and your child!

Typical Schedule 

Arrival/Breakfast/Table Toys

Free Play

Clean Up

Morning Meeting

Clean Up/Get Ready to go Outside

Outside Time


Morning Snack

Morning Activities

Story Time/Handwashing


Potty/Handwashing/Get Ready for Nap

Story Time

Nap Time


Free Play/Clean Up/Get Ready for Outdoor Play

Outdoor Play/Gross Motor

Handwashing/Story Time

Get Ready for Dismissal (Note you are welcome to pick up your child at anytime)

Birch Room - (3-5 YRS)