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Any waiting list tips?

What if I just want to stay connected and not apply?​


We look at the waiting list for that age group and go down the list, beginning with current families first.  Even if the days or schedule do not match what you have asked for, we will offer it to you when your name comes up.

A few things to note:

  • You will have 48 hours to respond to any spots offered
  • Enrollment fees and any applicable fees will be due to secure your spot


We are no longer accepting applications for our full time programs.  The next time to apply will be February 2023.

Apply Here for Part Day Ginkgo Room Preschool
Apply Here for Part Day Preschool Camp

Apply Here for Third Trimester Hybrid Support

We are accepting applications for the waiting list for the following programs
Apply Here for Full Day Summer Camp (Entering K to 6th)
​Apply Here for After School for 2021-22 

How Do I Apply?

All of our other classrooms are currently full and our waiting list is closed.  Please fill out the form on the Contact Us page to learn about unlikely openings, the Open House, news from OPFS, and ECE news from the area.  Our next enrollment period will start on February 18, 2022. We will host an open house for prospective parents on February 17th.  Our application period will open on February 18th and remain open till March 4th.

Enrollment Process

Current families and families currently on the waitlist receive priority enrollment.  

There will be a parents-only Open House on February 17th for new and interested families.  We will know how many spots are available to new families at the time of the Open House.  The application link will be posted on our website on February 18th at 6 am.  The application link will be available on our website for two weeks through March 4th at 6 pm.  After this period, we no longer accept applications or add families to the waiting list.  Interested families may still join the contact list.  You must apply separately for each child in your family.  There is a $25 application fee per child for new families.

After the application period closes, open spots will be filled with new students based on a lottery system.  Once we receive both your application and any applicable fees, your name will be entered into the lottery.  Families will be notified by mid-March whether your child has received a spot or been placed on the waiting list. Families will remain on the waiting list until given a spot or they asked to be removed.  You do not need to reapply each year.  As your child ages, they move up the classroom waiting lists.  

Once it is determined that there is a space for your child or children, we will call or email you to offer you the spot.  Please respond ASAP.  Once you have accepted the spot and paid the enrollment fee, you will receive a welcome letter confirming the specifics of your enrollment.  

Please note that we cannot predict when your child will have a spot, nor can we provide you with any information on what space your child currently is in due to the many variables that determine a child’s spot on the list.

What is different for Summer Camp?

There will be one application link for Summer Camp and an application link to apply for all other programs.  If you are applying for both summer camp and school year care, please use both links. There is not a lottery for summer camp.  Spots are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Current families are offered early enrollment in January.  You will receive a confirmation and invoice for the camp registration fee and deposit.  Once we receive payment, you will be considered registered.  You will be invoiced for the remaining camp tuition on the 15th of each month starting on May 15th.

If you have more than one child we highly suggest accepting the first spot that becomes available.  Then you are considered a current family and will be higher on the waiting list for the other children.

Pay attention to email.  We will contact you a few times a year, and again in January of 2023 to confirm if you would like to stay on our waiting list.   If we do not hear back from you, you will lose your spot on the waiting list.

If you would rather not apply or be on the waiting list, but want to hear about potential openings and happenings at OPFS, feel free to fill out our contact form on the website